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Student uses news writing to reach out to Latino Community

by Tawana Johnson, Contributing Writer

June 7, 2012

Maria Plana
Maria Plana takes a summertime break near the campus water feature.
Photo by Hillary Akers, Photo Editor – click to enlarge photo

From the time she was a child, Maria Plana knew she wanted to be a journalist when she grew up.

When other children were expressing their desires to be firefighters and teachers, Plana took a different route and has remained on the same path ever since.

Now a 24-year-old Mass Communication major in the journalism track at UNCP, Plana was raised in Venezuela and moved to the U.S. at the age of 14.

During her transition from one place to another, she realized her passion for news writing.

"Since I am a Latina living in the U.S., I feel the need to inform my own community on what is happening," Plana explained.

Because Plana knew the Latino community needed a way to remain informed, she began writing for La Noticia, a Spanish-language newspaper.

Plana addresses the issues of the Latino community through her writing.

"Sometimes because they are a minority they are not able to express their voice and that is what I want to do, to make sure that their voices are heard," Plana said.

Plana's eagerness to reach out to the Latino community has become a driving force in her writing. Knowing that she is making a positive impact on her readers is one of the biggest reasons she loves her job.

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