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UNCP senior Alexis Vivian Locklear is the 2013-2014 Miss Lumbee

by Sherry Jacobs, Photo Editor

July 15, 2013

Alexis Locklear is inducted as the 2013-2014 Miss Lumbee Ambassador with her court and the 2012-2013 Lumbee Ambassadors.

Photo by Sherry Jacobs
Alexis Vivian Locklear was inducted as the 2013-2014 Miss Lumbee on July 6 at the annual American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISE) Powwow held in UNCP's Historic Quad.

Locklear is a senior at UNCP majoring in Mass Communication with a focus on broadcasting and in English. She is a chancellor's ambassador. Locklear received the OutstandingTheatre award and the first theatre scholarship in 2012.

As part of the Lumbee Homecoming, Locklear was crowned Miss Lumbee at the Teen & Miss Lumbee Pageant on July 5 at UNCP. Locklear competed against Miss UNCP 2011 Chasity Chavis.

The Lumbee pageant is not about glitz and glamour, according to Locklear.

Though talent and beauty is a part of the competition, it's a small part and does not count as much as their platforms and their regalia, she said.

Each contestant has to have a general platform and a cultural platform and a private interview about the Lumbee culture and themselves.

Locklear choose education as her cultural platform and based it around UNCP.

Her regalia was designed with the UNCP seal and logo. She will were her regalia when representing the tribe.

Locklear's mother has worked for UNCP for more than 25 years and her great-great grandfather, Preston Locklear, was one of the university's forefathers.

Cultural heritage

The university is important culturally to the Lumbee people, Locklear said.

"The family and cultural connections to the University have had a big impact on my life, so I thought that it would be a great idea to make it my cultural platform," Locklear said.

"I have a lot to offer the title and the title has a lot to offer me," Locklear said.

"I know a lot about UNCP and my culture, but now I will get the opportunity to meet people who know more about my culture than I do and learn from them," she said.

When she represents the tribe in the community and travels throughout North Carolina and across the states, she will use her knowledge of the university and her culture to promote UNCP.

Oral history

Locklear is passionate about being a voice of the Lumbee documentary that is being produced, because all the Lumbee tribe has is its oral history.

The documentary is not a written history, but a voiced history that is documented and will be readily available to people.

The court

As Miss Lumbee, Locklear is the leader of her court.

It includes:
  • Little Miss Lumbee, Kynnady Locklear
  • Junior Miss Lumbee, Mahlea Hunt
  • Teen Miss Lumbee, Genna Locklear.
Locklear directs those girls activities, so she says she feels it is important to lead with pride in their heritage.

Culture classes

They will work to become unified by learning about their culture.

The first step is cultural classes. They are trying to make a difference in the community by showing people that their titles are not about glitz and glamour. It's about expanding the knowledge of the Lumbee heritage.

For Locklear, Lumbee Homecoming has always been the highlight of the year for the Lumbee people as well as herself. It's a time that they can honor their heritage and be proud of who they are, she says.

"Not only are our traditions brought back through the powwow, through the smudging of the queens and pageants, but we also incorporate the younger generation through activities and bring them together with the older generation as one," Locklear said.

Locklear competed in past Lumbee pageants and held the titles of Junior Miss Lumbee and Teen Miss Lumbee.

Lumbee Homecoming was a weeklong event June 29-July 6.

Some of the highlights of the week were the:
  • Senior Miss Lumbee pageant held in the A.D. Lewis Auditorium at Robeson Community College
  • Little & Junior Miss Lumbee pageant and the Teen & Miss Lumbee pageant, both sold out and were held at Givens Performing Arts Center at UNCP Lumbee Homecoming parade
  • AISES Powwow
  • Lumbee Fireworks Sky Show held at the Lumber River Development Association office.
The Lumbee Homecoming is an annual tradition that was established in 1968.

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