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New chancellor search involves many stages

By Hayley Burgess News Editor

The process for finding a new chancellor will take most of the school year, but the steps are clear for UNCP. The first step, according to the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Richard Taylor, is in motion.

A request for a proposal has been put in to find six firms that are experienced in finding chancellors and other people as heads of schools.

After this step, one firm will be chosen to look for the new chancellor.

They will then interview applicants a few times before taking a list to a committee made up of approximately 15 members.

The people on the committee will be made up of members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and the student body.

The committee is in charge of taking the list of names presented by the firm and will then narrow the list down to three or four names.

The names will then be presented to the Board of Trustees who will then submit the names to UNC President Erskine Bowles, who has the final say over who will be the new chancellor at UNCP.

If Bowles doesn’t like any of the names he’s been given, he can select his own pick or start a new search all over again.

“They are hoping to have a list to Bowles by April,” Taylor said.

Taylor said he also heard some talk of the list making its way to Bowles by February.

Taylor’s hope for the new chancellor is that he/she will work on keeping the University growing.

“We want the best person who will work with the faculty, staff and community,” Taylor said.

“We want for the new chancellor to keep growing the university for a long time.”

Taylor said he does not believe there will be much of a chance for the search to be in house, meaning someone already from the University to be placed as chancellor.

He believes it is best to look on the outside for a new chancellor.

The position is currently being filled by Interim Chancellor Dr. Charles Jenkins after former Chancellor Dr. Allen C. Meadors left June 30.

At the faculty senate meeting on Aug. 28, eight names were selected to be presented to the Board of Trustees.

They can choose all eight names or just one.

Whoever is chosen will represent the faculty at UNCP.

The eight are:
Mario Paparozzi, professor and chair Sociology and Criminal Justice;

John Parnell, professor and Belk Chair of Management of School of Business;

Sherry Edwards, professor and chair of Social Work;

Anthony Curtis, professor of Mass Communication and Faculty Senate Chair;

Ed Powers, professor of Management Marketing and International Business;

John Labadie, professor Art Department;

Mary Ann Jacobs, asst. professor and chair of American Indian Studies;

David Oxendine, chair of Professional Leadership.



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