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Installing a new ATM inside UC would be a good idea

By Margaret Damghani
Opinion Editor

Being robbed while walking alone at night is generally something that one likes to avoid. So don’t walk alone at night.

But what if you just want to quickly grab some cash at the ATM in parking lot 12 and happen to be by yourself?

Think about the fact that on Aug. 14 at around 9:30 p.m., a UNCP student was robbed while walking to the ATM.

The student wasn’t at the ATM yet, and hadn’t withdrawn any money. He was still about 50 feet away when the crime occurred, according to Detective Ed Locklear.

As a result, the camera and lighting at the ATM did not help police identify the robber, Locklear said.

As a student, one might think that the ATM should be inside the UC for safety reasons and convenience.

After all, the eateries inside the UC only take cash or student ID cards.

Standing in line to get food and realizing that you forgot to bring cash isn’t exactly fun for students who don’t buy meal plans or munch money to keep on their ID cards. Sometimes there isn’t enough time between classes to make the trip outside to the ATM and back again.

Getting robbed after realizing you need money after dark is even worse.

The administration is already on top of the issue, as a contract for a new BB&T ATM was recently signed, according to Dr. Diane O. Jones, vice chancellor for Student Affairs.

“This will give students an option if they don’t feel safe outside,” Jones said, adding that the ATM in lot 12 will remain where it is, giving people two to choose from.

BB&T will install an ATM on the first floor of the UC, close to where the 24-hour computer lab is being moved to. It will be accessible as long as the UC is open until the 24-hour computer lab is finished, at which point it will be available for, consequently, 24 hours.

“Not only will it be convenient it will be much safer,” said Locklear. “I think it’s a good thing that we are going to put one inside.”

Sounds like a good idea, maybe even more for convenience than safety. But it is also a good step to keep the existing ATM, owned by State Employees Credit Union. Depending on the situation, that one might be more convenient than the one in the UC. For those who do their banking through the credit union, the usage of the ATM is free.

Some people will want the freedom to avoid pesky fees by taking a little walk to parking lot 12.

However you look at it, the choice is good. Choices mean more freedom and flexibility for a greater number of students.







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