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BraveView: College memories made to last

By Amanda Hiickey

Growing up, I’ve always heard that college will be the best time of my life.
Over the last three and a half years, I’ve had occasional doubts about that. During homecoming week, however, I realized that it was true.
While we didn’t attend all of the events, my friends and I enjoyed ourselves other ways. For the first few nights, we just hung out and watched movies, nothing too exciting while planning our night out at the semi-formal dance.
We were planning on going to the semi-formal, as many around campus were, and had plans to go to dinner.
So, Thursday evening we put on our dresses, heels, jewelry and make up; we did our hair, and we headed to Lumberton.
We realized quickly that we were the only women dressed up, at least where we could see. Oddly enough, it didn’t matter. We sat down, placed our orders and began our night.
I think I can honestly say that on that particular night, we laughed and smiled more than we had so far this semester.
Those of us who knew each other before talked about when we met. T­hose who didn’t know each other before talked about things they had in common.
Nights like these during homecoming week are what memories are made of.







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