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Christian Felkl
Managing Editor
Pick: Giants 24-21
MVP: Eli Manning
Reason: The Patriots have been riding a bit of a lucky streak during the last two months. They’ve been getting all the breaks and it’s time for their luck to stop. The Giants are just playing so well right now on both sides of the ball. Eli Manning is playing efficient, sound football. I like the Giants to pull an all time upset.

Markus Franklin
Assistant Sports Editor
Pick: Giants 24-21
MVP: Plaxico Burress
Reason: The Giants best chance of success against the Patriots will be to keep the ball away from the greatest statistical offense ever. They have to be able to maintain possessions and convert third downs. The Giants are full of playmakers on defense but will have their work cut out for them with the Patriots array of weapons. If Eli Manning continues to manage the game as he has done throughout the NFC playoffs, the Giants will have a great opportunity to win the game.

Jason Huff
Assistant Sports Editor
Pick: Patriots 31-17
MVP: Tom Brady
Reason: The Patriots may have given the Giants a scare in Week 17, but with a chance for perfection, there is no way that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will let this happen. One good thing for the Giants. They have already exceeded expectations and are playing with house money. There is relatively no pressure on the Giants, but the Patriots didn't win the first 18 games just to lose the last one.

Robert Kelley
Sports Editor
Pick: Patriots 34-23
MVP: Wes Welker
Reason: Bill Belichick was fueled by "spygate" and accusations that the three previous Super Bowls should be tarnished. He has taken out his vendetta against the rest of the league this year. Look for Tom Brady to continue his incredible Super Bowl success. With Moss and Donte patrolling the deep stuff down the field, the middle of the field and short completions should be there for Wes Welkers taking. The Patriots will rewrite the history books and complete their pursuit of perfection.


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