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ESPN recruits UNCP students as interns

By Markus Franklin
Assistant Sports Editor

On Jan. 25, two ESPN recruiters visited UNCP to share with students information about the new digital advances at ESPN in Bristol, Conn., and to recruit for a summer internship.

Fred Brown, director of Production Recruitment and Talent Negotiation, and Tony Valentino, manager of Technical Recruitment, were the representatives from ESPN.

These two men showed interested students a video about the Digital Center ESPN has had in service since April 2004.

Brown joked, “We lost our parking deck when they built the new Digital Center. Our parking changes every six months.”

ESPN’s Digital Center allows all shows to be broadcast in High Definition, including a new live 6 a.m. Sportscenter starting in August.

“We feel that ESPN is one of the most high tech facilities in North America,” Brown said.

ESPN employs more than 5,000 employees around a campus-like setting that includes cafeterias and a day care center for children of employees.

“If at the end of watching an ESPN broadcast or even this video, if you don’t think what you saw was informative, then we as a company have failed our main goal to entertain and inform the people,” Brown said.

Brown said that even though ESPN is a sports network they need more diversity in their hires.

“ESPN has been a male bastion for a while,” Brown said. “Studio production needs women and people of color for production.”

It is better than what it used to be but it needs to get better, he added.

Valentino told the students that they need to have a plan even while still in school.

“The most important thing you do at this point in your life is to learn and set goals for your future,” he said.

ESPN conducted interviews with several different students for internships this summer. Brown told students that ESPN looks for previous internship experiences and work on campus outlets.

Brown said, “It is actually easier to get a job at ESPN than to get an internship.”

Students have to know the sports industry lingo and must also know something about the history of sports and statistics to be able to compete for internships.

Brown told the students that if they wanted to look into more internship possibilities at ESPN, to fill out a profile on the company’s website.


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