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What is NC TEACH II?
To aid in improving North Carolina student achievement, NC TEACH is thrilled to offer NC TEACH II, funded by a U.S. Department of Education Transition to Teaching grant. The Transition to Teaching program supports projects that recruit highly qualified mid-career professionals, retirees and recent college graduates as teachers for high-need school districts.
NC TEACH II is working with school districts and charter schools identified by the U.S. Department of Education as high-need in order to recruit and prepare lateral entry teachers who are committed to remaining in a high-need school for a minimum of three years. In return for this commitment, the teacher will receive a $1000 education stipend and a laptop computer.

Why is this project important?
NC’s lowest performing schools are more likely to be staffed by teachers without appropriate preparation or licensure. Recent research has demonstrated that poor teacher quality “trumps” even poor socioeconomic conditions in contributing to student underachievement.* Fourteen of the 15 NC school systems with the highest rates of children living in poverty are located in the areas that also have the largest minority population in the state. Join NC TEACH II to ensure all students achieve academic success despite the challenges and inequities they may face in North Carolina's high-need schools.

NC TEACH II will work to successfully accomplish the following goals

  • Enhance lateral entry teacher recruitment and selection with a focus on preparing highly qualified teachers in high need subject areas for high need school districts and charter schools across North Carolina.
  • Expand the recruitment and selection of a multicultural teaching force that reflects the diverse student population in North Carolina.
  • Provide comprehensive support and training for teachers working in a high-need school environment.

Information for Prospective NC TEACH II Participants at UNCP

Who is eligible to participate in NC TEACH II at UNCP?
• You must apply to the NC TEACH II program at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

▪You must seek licensure in one of the licensure areas offered through the UNCP School of Education.

• You must obtain employment or be employed as a 1st year lateral entry teacher by an eligible high-need school district or charter school.  Contact the program director for the most current list of qualifying schools

• You must be committed to remaining in an eligible high-need school for no less than 3 years and show this commitment by signing a Letter of Intent.


How can someone apply to NC TEACH II?

Complete the application for NC TEACH II.  Submit the application along with all required documents including any undergraduate and graduate transcripts and request for plan of study to the program director.  You also need to follow the normal application procedures for undergraduate, licensure-only admissions to UNCP and indicate on your application that you are interested in NC TEACH II. 

NC TEACH II @UNCP Application for Admission
Request Plan of Study

Application Process:
Send completed application packet to:


Mrs. Rebecca Berdeau, Director
UNCP School of Education
P.O. Box 1510
Pembroke, NC  28372-1510

Host Coordinator Contact Information:

Rebecca Berdeau, Director
UNCP School of Education
P.O. Box 1510
Pembroke, NC  28372-1510
Phone: 910-521-6779
Fax: 910-521-6165


For more information about NC TEACH II:

Information for School Districts & Charter Schools

What school districts and charter schools are eligible to participate in this project?
Each year all school districts and charter schools in North Carolina are evaluated according to Title II, Part A legislation which includes factors such as poverty rates and number of teachers teaching out of their licensure field. A current list of the school districts and charter schools considered high-need and eligible for this project is released each Fall.

What teachers are eligible to participate?
Current 1st year lateral entry teachers hired in an eligible school district or charter school teaching a core content area (math, science, English, social studies), special education, a foreign language or Elementary Education. They must be accepted by one of the participating NC TEACH II host universities and sign a letter of intent showing their commitment to teach in an eligible school for a minimum of three years.

How do I find a potential NC TEACH II teacher to hire?
If you are on our eligibility list, please contact us stating your licensure area needs and we will direct you to a host coordinator who may have participants in their general NC TEACH cohort who are interested in finding employment in an eligible school and becoming an NC TEACH II participant.

Is there anything I need to do differently or additional for an NC TEACH II teacher?
Support them in the same way you would any beginning teacher in your school. There is no paperwork to complete other than verifying employment. Please feel free to let your hired 1st year lateral entry teachers know about this opportunity and incentive if they are not already enrolled in a teacher training program. They receive a $3000 incentive and you receive a three year commitment from your NC TEACH II teacher!


Updated: Monday, April 18, 2011

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