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History Department
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graduate program


Application deadlines:

Fall: July 31

Spring: December 1

Summer: April 15


The graduate programs in social studies education offer a comprehensive graduate education designed to equip experienced and pre-service social studies teachers to effectively prepare their high school students for informed and productive citizenship in an interdependent global community.  The history and social science requirements are carefully structured to provide breadth of coverage in self-selected areas of concentration.  The pedagogical components reflect a commitment to professional excellence, collaboration, and practices that promote a multicultural approach to teaching. 

Students enrolled in these programs will complete a strong core of professional development courses, which include the professional core education courses required of all graduate-level licensure students, advanced social studies education methods courses, and a host of content-related history and social science courses.  The advanced methods courses will enable middle grades and high school teachers to incorporate recent scholarship and teaching methods into the classes they currently teach.  They will cover topics such as curriculum reform initiatives, multiculturalism, racial and gender issues, active learning strategies, classroom management, technology, and curriculum integration.  Upon completion of these courses, students will be able to synthesize their theoretical knowledge of these issues with their own classroom experience.

The history and social science requirements build upon the multiple goals of UNCP’s undergraduate social studies education program, and are designed to strengthen the understanding of the individual academic disciplines of in-service and pre-service teachers.  These courses are carefully structured to provide both breadth of coverage and selected depth within each broad academic area.  Students will take at least one history course in each of the following areas: European; United States; and Asia, Africa, or Latin America.  They may also be allowed to choose additional electives from these three areas.  This program configuration allows students to develop their understanding of the history of geographically diverse regions while gaining significant expertise in one region.  It is assumed that students will choose to “specialize” in an area appropriate to their teaching assignments.  Furthermore, students will choose courses from several social science disciplines, including American Indian Studies, Economics, Geography, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, and Sociology.

Our graduates complete this program with enhanced critical-thinking skills and a stronger content knowledge base, which they are able to pass along to their own students.  They have developed important professional leadership skills, which allow them to make significant contributions to the improvement of social studies education.  And they have gained practical information, which they can apply immediately to their own classes, as well as intellectual and professional experiences that truly make them master teachers.

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