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Contact Information

University Center and Programs
PO Box 1510
Pembroke, NC 28372

Phone: 910.521.6584

Location: University Center and Programs, Suite 220
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Student Employment


University Center and Programs serves as a laboratory of learning for students by providing employment opportunities. Student employees serve in many roles...

Level I

Recreation Center Assistant ($7.55)
Assists with customers. Handles table rentals and bowling shoe and lane rentals. Assists with groups and bowling classes. Handles minor maintenance and cleaning of machines. Operates cash register.

Information Station Assistant ($7.55)
Primary duties of the student require Students must have basic knowledge of computer usage. Other duties will require that the students answer the telephone. Must possess good communication skills and a friendly attitude. Must have strong degree of motivation and be willing to handle a variety of tasks. Take messages, assisting with events (coverage, setups and sound), bulletin board check-out, umbrella check-out, Adverstise events on message center and other duties as assigned.

Level II

Building Night Manager ($8.00)
Monitors University Center and University Center Annex during the evening. Handles minor setups. Monitors activities held in the facilities and notifies security if problems arise. Secure conference rooms and computer lab. Handles security check of the facilities at closing time and locks the buildings. Provides general information and assistance to facility users. Enforces University Center/Annex policies and procedures. Assists with check-in at dances. Shows late night movies. Other duties as assigned.

Recreation Center Night Manager ($8.00)
Manages the recreation center on the evening shift. Acts as the on-site manager for recreation programs and services. Initial contact in case of scheduling emergency, and assumes responsibility for special bowling events and regular operations. Coordinates with other student staff to maintain the facility. Position includes beginner supervisory responsibilities to include training of front-line employees. Other duties as assigned. Must be able to operate cash register.

Information Station Night Manager ($8.00)
Manages the Information Station on the evening shift. Acts as the on-site manager for events and programs that occur within the UC. Initial contact in case of scheduling problems. Coordinates with other student staff to operate the service area. Position includes beginner supervisory responsibilities to include training of front-line employees. Other duties as assigned.

Shuttle Bus Driver (10.00)
This position will drive the shuttle bus and/or van for the University Center and Programs department to transport UNCP students to and from destinations according to an established schedule to include multiple runs on scheduled dates. The driver will pick up in one designated location on campus but will drop off at local apartment complexes and residence halls.
Duties and Responsibilities
Sign and collect the vehicle request form and vehicle keys from UC and Programs. Pick up the vehicle from Motor Pool and drive to the designated shuttle stop. Confirm that the students that are boarding the vehicle have registered with UC and Programs. Distribute code of conduct and waiver forms to each student. Collect and file completed forms in shuttle transport notebook. Provide Campus Police with a passenger list prior to departure from campus. Know, observe, and enforce all traffic rules and regulations including proper behavior of all riders and immediately communicate any issues/concerns to University Center and Programs staff and Campus Police.

Applicants must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance and must be at least 21 years of age with a minimum three years driving experience. Experience driving 15-passenger vehicles is preferred.

Requirements for Level II Positions:

  • Interest in gaining managerial experience
  • Work study experience in the UC service areas
  • Dependability, reliability in past work experience
  • Excellent attendance record a must

*Students with federal work-study monies generally receive first consideration when openings are available. When hired, positions are awarded for one academic year. You must re-apply each year.
To apply for positions, access the UNCP Brave Opportunities Web site directly at

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